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HB Cookbook

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The Hofbräuhaus Cookbook  

Filled with the most popular recipes of the Hofbräuhaus...

An excerpt from "The Hofbräuhaus Cookbook",

Since the early 19th century, the Hofbräuhaus has been a magnet for locals and visitors from all over the world.  The thirst-quenching beers, the traditional regional cuisine, and the special brand of hospitality, Bavarian Gemütlichkeit, have made the Hofbräuhaus the most famous Wirtshaus in the world.  For the first time ever, more than 70 original Hofbräuhaus recipes have been presented in a collection.  Whether you plan to cook beef consommé with liver dumpling, roast pork in dark beer sauce, or apple strudel with vanilla custard sauce - you will find much here to tempt you.  Lovingly illustrated and photographed, this cookbook captures so well the unique atmosphere of the Hofbräuhaus.