HB Salt Glazed 1.0L Stein with Gold Lid

HB Salt Glazed 1.0L Stein with Gold Lid

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Salt Glazed Stein 1.0 Liter with Gold Lid

The classic style for drinking Hofbräu brew!

The Glaze Process

Genuine salt-glazed steins are developed with burns from ceramic(s) with open flame. After painting and drying the unglazed commodity, it is placed into the furnace. When the heat reaches the ideal maximum temperature, pure common salt is added to the furnace. The salt begins to evaporate instantly in the furnace with the sodium from the salt attaching itself with aluminum and the silicon from the clay to create the glaze (sodium aluminum glass). The results are an orange peel-like surface typical for salt glazed steins. It also seals the entire exterior of the stein and ensures a clay body with a higher density.

Salt-glazed stoneware goods are lead free, food-safe, non-taste, dishwasher and microwave-safe.

The rough surface supports longer foam stability and keeps beer cool longer than a conventional ceramic stein.

With the Hofbräuhaus crest prominently positioned on the front of the stein in blue lettering, many people will recognize the logo and remember the fond memories of this unforgettable place.