Shot Paddle for 6 shots (glasses not included!)

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Shot Paddle


These boards are 3/4" thick planks fitted with 1  5/8 inch cavities to hold shot glasses 
filled with liqueur; like the familiar licorice-like Jagermeister, or any flavor Schnapps you like. They are lovingly
handmade with solid oak wood and stained for more durability.  The paddles were originally made
to help the servers deliver multiple shots simultaneously across the traditional long wooden
tables in many drinking establishments. 
The paddles come in three sizes:
               4 Shot Paddle  --  17.25 inches  --  $ 50.00
            6 Shot Paddle  --  23.50 inches  --  $ 60.00
            8 Shot Paddle  --  29.00 inches  --  $ 80.00
Keep the tradition alive and get yours today.