Soft Boot with HB Lanyard (34 oz)

Soft Boot with HB Lanyard (34 oz)

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Affordable and Easy to Use!

Size: 34 oz

Drinking out of a "Bierstiefel" (Beer Boot) is a German tradition that some say dates back to the 14th century in Heidelberg, Germany.  It's said that fraternities would compete against one another in saber duels and after the competition was over would get together and drink out of their boots.

This boot is easy to carry, just hang it around your neck with our HB Lanyard!  You don't need to worry about breakage either, since it is made out of plastic.  Drinking out of a beer boot is not as easy as it appears.  You need to make sure that the toe is facing wither to the left or the right when raised to drink.  If the toe points upward, an air bubble forms in the toe and forces the beer out, all over the drinker.

The soft boot is budget friendly by giving you the full experience as you drink out of the glass boot.

Have a Bavarian experience with one of our soft boots! PROST!